Bosnia and Herzegovina and Regional countries experiences 

Neum, Friday 27th October 2006 - Hotel Stella
Regional conference

The Conference "Self-regulation and regulation in commercial media advertising - Bosnia and Herzegovina and experiences of regional countries", was organised in co-operation of the B&H Press Council, Association "BH Journalists" and Alter Media/SEERAN regional local radio stations network.

Regulatory Agency for Communications of B&H has adopted Ethical Code for commercial advertising in electronic media during 2006, while the print media still do not have such a Code. Necessity for adopting such a Code was highlighted after this year's General Elections and complaints that the B&H Press Council discussed, related mostly to commercial contents published in print media.

Participants of the conference had an opportunity to hear more about regulation of commercial advertising in neighbouring countries. Croatia has a leading role in this area, since self-regulation is already applicable at Croat media, explained representative of the Association of agency for commercial advertising in Croatia, HURA. Other countries of region, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, still do not have organised themselves in this area. Therefore, ethical chaos is obvious in many segments, which, often, include obituaries and similar contents.

Conclusion of the conference was related to obligatory continuation of discussion until final adoption of the Ethical Code for commercial advertising in print media, which is first step for establishing the self-regulation in this area. Also, it is necessary to make a Strategic Plan of joint activities, and fund raising for continuation of work. For carrier of future activities was elected Agency IAA from Sarajevo, that will work on this project together with the Press Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Good and quality experiences from Croatia will be guidelines in future work, with regular consultation of colleagues from HURA.

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