47 judges, prosecutors, police representatives and journalists, members of the Press Council in B&H, participated in the two-day seminar


New Media – New Challenges

Announced cooperation between the Press Council in B&H, the Prosecutors Office, Police and the Courts, in the operation “You are Not Invisible” aimed to discover and sanction persons who through their anonymous comments on internet portals spread hate speech and defamation.

The Press Council in B&H has realized a two-day Seminar, “Freedom of Media Reporting and Legislation in B&H,” held in Banja Vrucia for judiciary and media representatives. This seminar follows the Press Council’s perennial practice of educating judiciary representatives. On this occasion, in an exceptionally productive dialogue between journalists, members of the Press Council, judges, prosecutors and police representatives, the discussion about the current question of New Media – Internet Portals and Social Media, in the context of freedom of speech, professional responsibility and legislation, was thematically opened.

A considerable amount of attention was dedicated to the problem of the spread of hate speech and defamation through anonymous comments made by internet portal users. Anonymity does not mean that a person cannot be identified and prosecuted if it is established that harm by the spread of hate speech and defamation was made. The decision of the Board of Directors and Complaints Commission of the Press Council in B&H, to implement the operation “You are Not Invisible,” has received full support from police, prosecution and judiciary representatives. The operation implies detection of IP addresses and prosecution of persons who, through inciting comments and the spread of hate speech, disturb the public, bring harm to individuals and especially to the reputation of professional internet portals.

The Press Council has expanded its mandate to online media in December 2010, thus B&H has, amongst the first ones in Europe, started to apply self-regulation to online media. The first online members of the Council are the portals sarajevo-x.com, dnevnik.ba and 24sata.info