Seminar for professors and students of high-schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

understanding of media and own rights on truth
Sarajevo, 9-10 October 2010

The Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina has realized the Second seminar „Media Literacy“ for professors and students of high schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of extra curriculum journalistic programs, on basis of media literacy and ethics. The Seminar was held on 9th and 10th of October 2010 in Sarajevo. 

This Seminar was continuation of education on media standards and media literacy for professors and students of high schools from whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Basis of media literacy, as obligatory knowledge for each citizen, has caused very active discussion of participants on theory and practice of media ethics in reporting. Also, the participants were introduced with process of the complaints procedure of the Press Council in B&H and reaction on unprofessional print media reporting, and special focus was on practical lessons how to produce the school newspapers. 

There was analysis of improvement from the last year in terms of content and layout of newspapers which students printed in their schools during the year, and in concrete examples was pointed out at parts that still need to be improved. Participants had a task to write articles on certain topics, which were later on analyzed in details and possible mistakes or good sides of the text were indicated, based on learning from mistakes principle. 

Students and professors from different parts of B&H have used the free time for socializing in good atmosphere of friendship. Experiences in work with students were exchanges, as wall as addresses due to regular contacts and co-operation. 

Lecturers at the Seminar were journalists from electronic and print media: Mr Damir Kaletovic, journalist of FTV, Mr Faruk Boric, Deputy Editor in Chief of daily „Oslobodjenje“ and Ms Ljiljana Zurovac, journalist and Executive Director of the Press Council in B&H. 

Participants of this Seminar were professors and students from B&H high schools: Fifth Gymnasium Sarajevo, First Bosniak Gymnasium Sarajevo, Gymnasium with Technical Schools Derventa, Gymnasium Prnjavor, Fourth Gymnasium Ilidza, Gymnasium „Petar Kocic“ Novi Grad, Second Gymnasium Mostar, General Gymnasium Bosanska Krupa, Gymnasium Obala Sarajevo, Gymnasium Bihac, United World College Mostar, Gymnasium „Vaso Pelagic“ Brcko, First Gymnasium Zenica, Gymnasium Banja Luka, Gymnasium fra Grga Martic Mostar, General Gymnasium Catholic School „Sv. Pavao“ Zenica, Secondary School „Mihailo Petrovic Alas“ Ugljevik and First Gymnasium Sarajevo. 

This Seminar enabled German embassy in Sarajevo, NED – National Endowment for Democracy and CRD – Civil Rights Defenders.