Be Brave, Search for the Truth!

An awakened journalism curiosity, numerous questions and answers, and a quality discussion and opinion exchange amongst students and lecturers also marked the third day of the VIII School of Media Ethics of the Press Council in BiH for journalism students. Two thematic lecture blocks took place - “Media and Gender Equality” and “Practical Experiences”.

Why is it important for media to break gender stereotypes and gender based discrimination - was the key question addressed by the lecture of Nada Ler Sofronic PhD Professor, Social Psychologist, Director of the center “Woman and Society” and member of the Complaints Commission of the Press Council in BiH. Along with defining the basic terms - gender, sex, gender roles, stereotypes and discrimination, students were presented the Recommendations for treating gender content in the media and for using gender sensitive language in media coverage, as well as concrete examples of media coverage in BiH on gender issues, gender equality, gender based discrimination and gender identity. This was the spark that lit up a very interesting debate and exchange of opinions.    


- Until now I did not have the opportunity to listen to lectures about reporting on gender issues, but it is very important for us to become acquainted with this, considering that these topics are very present in the media and it is exceptionally important for us, as future journalists, to know in what way we need to cover gender content - sais Vedrana Smitran, Journalism Student from the Faculty of Political Science in Banja Luka.



Ms. Rubina Cengic, Journalists and Columnist of the magazine “Start BiH” spoke about practical experiences from the profession. How and in what kind of editorial atmosphere is an article created; why is it important to and how do you find at least three sources of news; what is editorial responsibility; what is the difference between a journalist and a columnist, as well as where is the line between fact, opinion and perspective - these are just some of the topics covered by Ms. Cengic.  

- Be brave, ask questions, search for the truth! - said Ms. Cengic to the students.

The VIII School of Media Ethics of the Press Council in BiH officially began on November 17th 2013 in Konjic and it gathered 47 journalism students from journalism faculties of the University of Mostar, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, East Sarajevo and Tuzla.



The School of Media Ethics of the Press Council in BiH is realized with the financial support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in BiH, the National Endowment for Democracy Foundation - NED, the Council of Europe and Civil Rights Defenders.