the Public Campaign “Citizens and Journalists together in the fight for the Truth”

November 8th 2013


The Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Youth Journalism Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ONAuBiH), successfully realized the public campaign “Citizens and Journalists together in the fight for the Truth”, on November 8th 2013, in 21 cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Banja Luka, Bihac, Bijeljina, Bratunac, Brcko, Cazin, Capljina, Foca, Gorazde, Gradiska, Istocno Sarajevo, Jajce, Mostar, Odzak, Pale, Rudo, Sarajevo, Samac, Tuzla, Zavidovici, Zenica. 



A large number of citizens turned out to participate in the Public Campaign. They were very interested in finding out about their right to accurate and professional media reporting. The citizens were acquainted with their right and possibility of submitting complaints to inaccurate and unprofessional media reporting of the press and online media and with the Complaints Procedure of the Press Council in BiH.


The pressures on free media coverage are evermore increasing, a large number of journalists are working for little wages or without contract, and physical attacks on journalists are evermore reoccurring, as is prevention of journalists from freely doing their work in the public’s interest. The citizens need to be aware that every pressure on journalists and suppression of media freedom is an attack on the development of democracy and disrespect for civil rights and liberties.


The goal of the campaign was to acquaint the public about the citizens’ right to true and current information, the citizens’ right to complain to unprofessional, false and manipulative reporting of the press and online media, as well as the importance of  respecting the right to freedom of expression and the journalists’ responsibility towards the public’s interest. Citizens were handed out the Press Codes of BiH, the Complaints Procedure of the Press Council in BiH and the magazine Karike, realized by the young journalists from ONAuBiH. During the campaign, a survey was conducted on the citizens’ trust in media, the dangers of hate speech in public communication and the respect for the right to professional media coverage.