The Press Council in BiH


The Seminar for representatives of judiciary, police and media

“Freedom of Reporting and Legislation in BiH”

Thursday and Friday, June 7th - 8th, 2012

Hotel Grand, Sarajevo

The Press Council in BiH, the self-regulatory body for print and online media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, realized the Seminar “Freedom of Reporting and Legislation in BiH” for representatives of the judiciary, police and media, as part of the campaign “You are Not Invisible”. This was the continuation of the dialogue between these institutions which has begun earlier, with the purpose of finding the most efficient ways of stopping hate speech in the media, as well as the most efficient application of the Law on Protection against Defamation in BiH.

The Seminar was held in the Hotel Grand in Sarajevo, on Thursday and Friday, 07 - 08.06.2012.

Media self-regulation in the context of alleviating the courts from suits against media, hate speech in visitors' comments, the (ir)responsibility of portal owners and editors for contents created by portal users, sanctioning persons who spread hate speech in the media, the application of the Law on Protection against Defamation, as well as the joint campaign of the Prosecution, Courts, Police, and the Press Council in BiH to prevent hate speech in media and in web portal visitors’ comments, were the topics discussed.

Mr. Pierre-Francois Docquir, Ph.D. Sc. media law and regulation expert, Vice President of the High Audiovisual Media Council, for the French speaking area of Belgium, spoke about the practice in the EU and the possibilities of its application in BiH's conditions, with regards to sanctioning hate speech in media.

The Seminar was attended by 45 representatives of the Prosecution and Courts in BiH, representatives of SIPA, MUP RS, MUP FBiH, BiH media editors and journalists, as well as by the members of the Complaints Commission and Board of Directors of the Press Council in BiH.