First International Students' Conference on Public Relations

Saturday and Sunday, November 17- 18th, 2012

Hotel Holiday Inn, Sarajevo

CIM Expert Media Adviser at the Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms Isabella Kurkowski, will present to the participants of PR Arena, first international students’ conference on public relations, the work and projects of the Press Council in BiH, self-regulatory body for print and online media.

PR Arena will gather eminent experts from the field of PR, marketing and media and more than 400 students of Public Relations from six countries from the region.

Ms Kurkowski will also speak about the importance of self-regulation with an accent on Complaints’ Procedure of the Press Council in BiH and about the importance of abiding to the Code for Print and Online Media in BiH. Article 12 - Advertising and Sponsorship of the Code for Press and Online Media in BiH stipulates: “Commercial, political advertisements and sponsored articles must be distinguished from editorial content and clearly identified as what they are. Sponsored material shall clearly indicate the source of sponsorship”.

Journalism and PR are increasingly pervading and it is becoming more difficult to distinguish journalism from PR in media content, warns Ms Kurkowski.

“A clear boundary between journalistic and PR text has to be made, because journalism serves public interest, and PR serves clients and is not always in the public interest. That is why we need to closely monitor ethics of media reporting and abiding of the Code for Press and Online Media in BiH. Also, if we take a look at the practise of EU countries, we will see that nearly half of PR experts and experts and workers in Public Relations come from journalism. That is why it is very important to inform the students of both journalism and PR communication, even during schooling, about professional standards of reporting and about the Press Code”, says Ms Kurkowski.

Apart from Ms Kurkowski, Ms Cathie Burton from the Council of Europe, Ms Amela Odobasic from the Communications Regulatory Agency in BiH and Ms Sue Folger from Internews will take part in the panel of the Conference.

Participants of the Conference, students from Maribor, Zagreb, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Podgorica, Belgrade, Skopje and Sarajevo, will have an opportunity to exchange experiences and contacts that will be beneficial for them in their future careers. Organizer of this event, Apriori Communications, set the goal of contributing to profession through education.